Atualizações 23/12/2022 TugaIPTV – Portugal IPTV

74 Filmes adicionados ao VOD Portuguese:

Wifelike [PT],
Two Witches [PT],
Turuleca – A Grande Aventura (2019) [Auido-PT] [PT],
Tin Can [PT],
Till [PT],
Three Wise Men and a Baby [PT],
The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari [PT],
The Three Wise Men: The Truth [PT],
The Outfit [PT],
The Marriage App [PT],
The Hole in the Fence [PT],
The Girl From Dak Lak [PT],
The Eternal Daughter [PT],
The Big 4 [PT],
The Banshees of Inisherin [PT],
The African Desperate [PT],
Sniper: The White Raven [PT],
Nobody’s Hero [PT],
Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again [PT],
Night at the Museum- Kahmunrah Rises Again (2022) [Audio-PT] [PT],
Nanny [PT],
Lullaby [PT],
Let the Right One In [PT],
Let Me In [PT],
Le Pupille [PT],
If These Walls Could Sing [PT],
If I Stay [PT],
I Believe in Santa [PT],
Hive [PT],
Hawa [PT],
Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio [PT],
Gone in the Night [PT],
God’s Crooked Lines [PT],
Emancipation [PT],
Elf [PT],
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero [PT],
Detective Knight: Redemption [PT],
Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders [PT],
Corsage [PT],
Burning Patience [PT],
Bromates [PT],
BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths [PT],
Audition [PT],
Accidentally in Love [PT],
About Fate [PT],
Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery [PT],
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause [PT],
The Santa Clause 2 [PT],
The Santa Clause [PT],
The Nightmare Before Christmas [PT],
The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus [PT],
She Said [PT],
Sharp Stick [PT],
Savage Salvation [PT],
A Not So Merry Christmas [PT],
Retrograde [PT],
Private Lesson [PT],
Prey for the Devil [PT],
Pinoquio de Guillermo del Toro (2022) [Audio-PT] [PT],
On the Line [PT],
Nocebo [PT],
It’s a Wonderful Binge [PT],
Delivery by Christmas [PT],
Christmas in Paradise [PT],
Christmas Bloody Christmas [PT],
Boxing Day [PT],
Bones and All [PT],
Black Christmas [PT],
In Broad Daylight: The Narvarte Case [PT],
A Christmas Story (1983) [PT],
A Christmas Masquerade [PT],
A Christmas Carol [PT],
A Christmas Carol (1984) [PT],